Day 213 - Lazy

Is it wrong that I hope he stays this lazy all day? Sometimes I just want him to take a break from being his normal, one year old self!

Also...for the Month of August I have challenged myself to take each photo from the challenge with my phone so I can see all of the things it is capable of - and push myself to be creative with the phone.

July Recap

So - Took the month of July off to focus on some other things. I did shoot every day of the month, but I just needed to not stress about the challenge part.

Day 181 - Down the Street

Ok...this is a little farther than just {down the street} in my neighborhood...but it is just down the street as in 5 minutes away. I finally was able to go shoot the sunset at one of the holding ponds behind a local golf course. It is perfect!

Day 178 - Hello

Silly or not...the sing in my head when I shot this..."Here Comes the Sun"! Summer in Arizona mean the sun is this high at 7am... {hello} beautiful!

Day 176 - Nature

Do you see him in there? I was so happy to see this occurrence as I really thought I was going to have to self pollinate my pumpkins. need to break out the candles & Barry White just yet!

Day 175 - My Favorite Time of Day

There are these moments, just before the sun begins to arch over the Catalinas, that are almost indescribable. There is a quiet, a stillness, where it's as if I can almost imagine God standing right next to me enjoying the show that is about to happen. And in that moment, it feels like He did all of this just for me! This is {my favorite time of day}...a few quiet moments on the patio wrapped in the beauty of the valley we live in.

Day 173 - An Arrangement

So not the typical photo one would think of for this prompt. When I am out tending my roses I am continually amazed and confounded by the perfect {arrangement} of every single detail of the petals: the shape, the placement, the subtle color changes, even the 5-leaf {arrangement} where the buds begin. God is one amazing creative!

Day 171 - In My Cup

Nothing remains. Awake at 4 this morning meant 2 cups of Joe were a requirement just to function silently and not be cranky. Not sure what it's going to take to get the perky me to make an appearance!?

Day 170 - Sprinkle

Early morning watering the yard. Here in Tucson, in the summer months, {sprinkles} any time of day provide a great way to keep cool! (Playing catch up with my 365 project...I got behind and was only shooting here & there. Time to go back & fill in the holes!)

Day 169 - What Defines Me

My faith, over & above anything, always defines me. The push-pull of walking out this faith is what makes me and draws me to Him. Add in family, sparkle and anything Paris or pink and that is me defined (briefly and for this moment!).

DAy 168 - Explore

Today I'm taking some time to {explore} a cookbook that has been on my shelf for a long while, but today was the first time I opened it. I think I'm gonna like this one (Screen Doors & Sweet Tea - Recipes & Tales from a Southern Cook by Martha Hall Foose).

Day 167 - A Habit

Time spent in front of this machine (her name is Eleanor) has become a habit...not just for business, but for my sanity. The Rocket Scientist says he can tell when I haven't spent enough time here because I get "jittery" (his words, not mine). This is one of my happy places.

Day 166 - Special

This figurine was given to me by a sweet team of women with whom I serve. They presented it to me at dinner last Friday and blessed my socks off. Below is part of the description on the Willow Tree site for this piece.

“The gesture of the figure and the bird communicates forward movement... being uplifted, moving onward; a release of hopes, dreams and spirit; of new beginnings and of endings; in celebration of a life... or in anticipation of a life together.

The sentiment refers to the song Turn, Turn, Turn, written by Pete Seeger in 1959, adapted from the Book of Ecclesiastes. In the song, there’s a contrast in each example...‘A time to be born/die, plant/reap, laugh/weep’ and so on. I like the lyrical, repetitive nature of the phrasing.

At significant milestones, we often pause and reflect before moving forward, so ‘a time to reflect, a time to soar’ seemed like a nice expression for this piece.”

Day 165 - Where I Stand

Honestly, I feel like the grass grows overnight when the humidity and temps are up here in the desert. The Rocket Scientist just mowed yesterday and it already needs another trim. Although, it's just perfect in softness to walk in and lay in...I'm thinking quilts, snacks and drinks under the stars tonight.