Day 44 - Love

Tears were not part of the plan when taking today's photo, however they streamed down as I thought about they people I love, represented in this photo. Christ represented by His Word, I don't take a breath that isn't filled with my love for Him...all I am is because of Him (the heart in the photo is on John 15:13); The Rocket Scientist, represented by my wedding ring. Our love matures and grows more every day; My boy & Daughter In-love, represented by the heart ring on my middle finger. I was born to be his mom, and blessed that he chose her for his bride; The Lil Man, represented by the teething ring. As much as I was born to be his dads mom, my life all along has been formed to be his Gigi; My Parents, represented by my hands. Is is they who instilled in me my love for God's word, taught me how to be the beat mom & wife I can be, stood by me as I grew in the painful times, are always my biggest fans and my greatest heroes. The people I love.