Day 29 - Keepsake

It's funny how, when presented with a prompt, you begin to think about the things in your life that would fit that prompt. I pondered for a few days on this one; my Nannys silver, my mom's class ring, the tapas try my mother in law crocheted of her property with all of the grandchildren. Then it hit sweetest keepsakes were given to me by my child and are with me every day. In 1990, for Mother's Day & just before his 4th birthday, PJ made the coaster for me in preschool. It sits on my desk and I use it everyday. The ring was another Mother's Day gift from him in 1995, just before his 9th birthday. It was his first real jewelry gift to me...and Roger said he took great pains to pick it out. I wear it on my left hand, middle finger; and like my wedding ring, I never take it off. My keepsakes, from the boy who has my heart for the rest of my life