Day 82 - ME

This time I didn't shutter as much at the thought of the self photo. I think this it was fitting for my journey right now. This is {me} right now, continually seeking God and His direction, help in overcoming my constant comparing of skill sets. Learning to love who I am and enjoy the process of this photography challenge as I grow at MY OWN PACE. Am I being left behind by those who may have been on the same path? Sure, but this is my journey...and I'm choosing to see it not as left behind, but as God's just using the time to perfect.

The book in this pic is one I read over and over (Hinds Feet on High Places by Hannah Hurnard). This time though, I'm truly savoring it. I adore how God works in us, loves us, helps us, carries us. I can so very much relate to the different parts of Much Afraid's journey to and from the high places.

“The High Places,” answered the Shepherd, “are the starting places for the journey down to the lowest place in the world. When you have hinds’ feet and can go ‘leaping on the mountains and skipping on the hills,’ you will be able, as I am, to run down from the heights in the gladdest self-giving and then go up to the mountains again. You will be able to mount to the High Places swifter than eagles, for it is only up on the High Places of Love that anyone can receive the power to pour themselves down in an utter abandonment of self-giving.”