Day 128 - Thank Goodness Its Friday

Working at home I usually don't get to Friday and say "thank goodness", because most of my day seem to look the same. Additionally, it seems that lately my weekends are busier than my weekdays.

Today, though, I am very thankful. It was a welcome pleasure to be in the garden early this morning praying that God would please show me where to slow down and where to speed up. That He would please be in the midst of the planning. He knows me. He knows that not being able to fill in the days of my planner last week nearly sent my Type A self into the fetal position, rocking in a corner. And yet, He ordered my days and got me through.

It is a busy weekend ahead. Today, however, I have been blessed with moments of planning time, as well as list making time, and I'm so thankful it is Friday (and that, for the first time in over 4 months, the Rocket Scientist doesn't have to go in to work this weekend!)!