Day 151 - Basket

Funny how God keeps using this photo challenge to bring about epiphanies here and there...meeting me right where I am at. The verse on the card is Luke 1:45 "Blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfill His promises to her."

Given that today's prompt was {basket}, this verse was fitting, along with the prompt, for the struggles I'm battling with. That ever present inner battle of "I'm not anywhere near where I need to be spiritually." Or, "I'm not certain I can do what people seem to think I can do...or that I am more equipped than so & so." Or, "I'm not sure I'm prepared for this."

Guess what,'re not, but He is. God has promised to prepare you, and He is weaving your story just like the maker of this basket. He made a promise, He is the Writer of your story; the Weaver of your basket. It will be ok...just keep moving forward.