Day 154 - Motion

Funny that my quiet time this morning was all about being still, finding patience and having faith...and then I run out to try to capture motion blur...into the light right at sunrise. I'm not good at this...this waiting and learning. I'm an instant gratification girl. So, when after the 3rd time of the dog knocking into my tripod while trying to get to a lizard under the bush, I gave up. For now. I got this one...but it could be so much better. I'm good at this, at night, under 1 small light (or twinkling lights), but this is new, and uncomfortable and out of my box. And...I need to get it. For me. For that lesson in patience, for speaking & walking the truth out that anything worth doing is worth doing well. For the way I was raised - there is no I cant...only I will try my best. I guess this is representative of my life right now... {in motion} and completely out of my box!