Day 155 - Means A Lot To Me

It means a lot to me that the Rocket Scientist takes such care to allow me to come to my own convictions & beliefs, in my own time & process, about the deep things of life. These are a fraction of the books on our shelves about creation vs evolution & God. He has a deep passion for finding all of the ways God's fingerprints are all over creation & science...and he puts up with all of my "whys" & "how do you knows" (don't get me started on light years, given that astronomy & astrophotography are his hobbies, I could send him to the moon with my questions & push back!). To know us well is to know a real Leonard & Penny (although I'm not quite that ditsy)...I think my family would agree. From all aspects of science, to teaching himself to read & write Greek & Hebrew (just because) - he is my genius and it means so much to me that he chose me. We are each other's compliment. Blessed.