Photo credit: Sweetheart Creative

Photo credit: Sweetheart Creative

Hey Y'all...

Welcome to my little corner of the cyber world. My hope is that while you visit you will find some inspiration, encouragement, giggles and maybe a little bit of a Kindred Spirit.

My name is Stacy and I'm a happily married, creative soul living in the desert of Southern Arizona: transplanted Southern girl as well...originally from Texas. I'm well into my 40's and enjoying every bit of this crazy, amazing life that I have been blessed with. Married for 22 years to my soul mate (we shall refer to him as The Rocket Scientist from this point out). Mom to one son - the light of my life (and the namesake of this site); mother in-law an amazingly beautiful and creative daughter of my heart; and most recently...I am a GRANDMA!

This website is my jump into the deep end of the blogging-creativity pool, with a glimpse into my creative life as I spread my wings and launch into a new adventure. Join me as I try my hand at things I know, things I learn and travel the road with me to see where it takes it goes. Much like Doug in the Disney movie "Up", I will have many squirrel moments - those moments make life all that more interesting!

Now, about Snigglefritz! When I first held my son in my arms all of the wonderful nicknames that family members had for me came flooding back. I remember looking at his face and thinking "what is my name of love going to be for this guy?" It didn't come quickly, but by the time he was 2 years old, somehow the name Snigglefritz came to me. When I would call him "my little Snigglefritz" he would just giggle and smile (you know, the kind of giggle that warms you all the way to your toes!)! So, until the time he was 6, and I married the man of my dreams, it was just Snigglefritz and Me. I can think of no better way to honor that special bond than to name the platform of my creative outlet after the one who changed my life forever - the best thing that ever happened to me, and my reason for being.

Love you Snigglefritz!