When Life Invades You Just Have to Hit 'Pause'

I am so sorry for being away for a week.

Ginger post surgery...

Ginger post surgery...

Life has interrupted...in a big way.

Last Thursday (the 2nd), i took Miss ginger in for a small surgery to remove a tumor on her tail. No cancer, just needed to get it off the tail before it got bigger and there was not enough skin left to stitch back up.

All went well...until we got this smart dog home. WE have been back to the ER 3 times since bringing her home on Thursday...about every other day...since she figured out how to get her donut off, and then work around the cone of shame! She has pulled the original stitches out, pulled out the staples...twice and now we are looking at a possible small infection.

In the midst of all of this...she requires CONSTANT supervision. I mean that...I cannot let her out of my site for a minute! She goes everywhere in this house with me...and when she starts to get sleepy, she cries until I come sit with her and let her lay on my lap (or at least her giant head)!

This has put a large dent in projects and blog posting.

I hope that this weekend I can remedy some of that and at least get some posts scheduled and some projects done!

Here's hoping.

Thank you for sticking with me and hanging in there even when I have been silent!