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Make Every Moment Frameable (300x250)

Aside from sewing and cooking, one of my passions is photography.

I don't have a place that I've 'landed' with my photography, and to be honest, right now I'm just in a very introspective place with it. I'm taking some time to focus on some of the fundamentals and get to know my camera again.

One of the places I find myself going for continuing inspiration, education and understanding is the Clickin Moms site and forums. This site is great and has been well worth my membership. This is the site that was the foundation of the Click Away Conference I attended last month (if you haven't read any of my posts on this amazing adventure...start HERE or HERE for some of my insights.).

Right now is a perfect time to sign up for a Membership to Clickin Moms. You will not be disappointed. You can take classes on how to improve on all of your photography matter what level you are at. There are some GREAT classes on Phone-tography with lots of suggestions for apps and editing in phone.

The name is deceiving - there are men on this site as well. However, Moms, Grandmas, Aunts, Friends, Sisters...anyone wanting to improve photography at all is welcome. There are some great classes and discussions on self- photography for those who don't have children. Or Pet Photography for those who are parents of fur babies.

Should you choose to sign up and become a member, i would encourage you to use my affiliate link below so that I can get some credit as well (I can always take more classes!!!

Find the Beauty (250x250)

Stacy's Clickin Mom Affiliate Link

Take a look and let me know what you think!?