Showing Some Love for Crops of Luv

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(**Edited for a name change. It is Lisa's sister, Jody, who is trying to fund a full time salary for Crops of Luv.**)

post is about giving back. Giving to something bigger than each of us.

We all know about the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and they do wonderful things for children and families facing horrific situations.

The organization I want to share with you about is called Crops of Luv. Crops has many volunteers who put together scrapbooks for families whose children are experiencing a Wish. A beautiful way to document these moments together as a family. There is no cost for the families who receive these books, they are done with love and dedication from a great team.

One of the women behind Crops of Luv is trying to be able to give all of her time to the organization. Right now, all funds go to the expenses for the organization and time and labor is all volunteer. This is wonderful, but as the organization and needs have grown, they need to have someone working full time.

I would ask you to please take a look as the Crops of Luv Facebook Page as well as the Go Fund Me Page for Jody to obtain enough funding to work full time for the organization and focus all of her attention on the gifts of memories for these families.

Please share this with those around you who may be able to help out.