Happy Halloween!! (and Some Feel Better Info)

Happy Halloween!!!

I hope everyone has great plans for the evening of Tricks and Treats!

We live in a pretty active neighborhood for the wee ones visiting. The Rocket Scientist has always enjoyed handing out the candy. He and the dogs have always greeted everyone. Our dog, Troi, was born on Halloween so we would always 'celebrate' with her as well 9she passed away last year shortly before her birthday).

Ginger will have to carry on the puppy greeter position from now on. However, this year we have the Lil' Man. He is going to be Batman and will be over here with his mom and dad to hang out. Our plan is to find Ginger a costume as well - hopefully tomorrow I can find a Bat Dog or Super Dog costume so they can match. I will post photos of the madness!

As Halloween leads into the season of germies in all parts of the country, I thought I would touch on a little glimpse of that this week as well. On Wednesday I woke up with the worst sore throat. I had no clue if it was illness or allergies - but it was on the verge of kicking my fanny that morning.

Once I woke up after falling back asleep, I went straight to the kitchen and prepared all of the ingredients for my go to sore throat drink! Hot water, lemon, ginger and honey. If I would like to spice it up even more - I will throw some Cayenne Pepper in as well.

I sipped on that all day long (probably a good 1/2 gallon! I was feeling better by the afternoon (still pretty certain it's allergies since it is still trying to make a comeback every so often!)

Now, at night that drink changes! I do hot water, some Jameson Irish Whiskey, honey and lemon. So yummy and induces a perfect sleep!

If there is ever a cough associated, I always put Vicks on the bottom of my feet and cover with socks.

What are your home remedies for the coming cold and flu season?