Giving Beyond your Circle

For the month of November I am participating in a photography challenge on Instagram called #ourthankful30. Most of my photos are on my phone as I want to learn how to use it better (since it is the camera with me the most).

Over the weekend I posted the photo above of my thankfulness that we have the means and ability to have diapers and books for the Lil Man coming out of our ears. The thing is…so many are not that fortunate.  Since this is the time of year that we tend to look beyond ourselves and how we can help others, I thought I would post a little something here.

Here in Tucson we have a Diaper Bank. You can read about it HERE. There are Diaper Drives all through the year, but a big push especially around this time of year. At the Diaper Bank they don’t just provide diapers for babies and children, but also adult diapers – as this is a section of our community in need that often gets over looked.

Should you feel led, please take some time to research charities in your area that you might be able to provide a package of diapers for…and maybe pick up a few books for the kid-lettes as well.

It feels good to give back – beyond our Self Circles.