Sunday Seven - Christmas Songs

‘Tis the season…for CHRISTMAS Music!!!

Being raised in a very musical family, of course no day in my life is complete without music. I mean, I'm pretty certain that within my small family we have a full band and harmonizing vocals! So, I have a deep affection for all music.

But Christmas music...I love it! Of course, I know some folks who were happy to start listening to Christmas songs back in October. Now, while I love the season’s music, I’m also the type of person who needs to experience the holidays as they come. I want to savor Thanksgiving before I jump full force into Christmas. After all…we have many weeks of Christmas to enjoy and savor the music, smells, sights and other sounds!

Ok…back to the matter at hand…today’s Sunday Seven...

My favorite Christmas Songs (Top 7)

If you click on the song title it will take you to the video version of the song that I like.

“Mary, Did You Know?” I can’t sing or listen to this one all the way through without welling up.

“A Baby Changes Everything” Again, Faith Hill singing this song melts my heart.

“Carol of the Bells” Vocal or instrumental – sigh…

“Grown-Up Christmas List” I’ve loved this one for a while. The first time I heard it, one of our dear family friends sung it in our Christmas program. Not many years later she was taken from us much too soon. I always think of her when I hear it…and smile.

“Go Tell it On The Mountain” An oldie but a goodie.

“You’re Here” Over the past several Christmases I seem to find myself thinking about Mary and all that she must have been thinking and feeling.

“I Believe” Another one that moves me to tears.