Pinterest WIN!

Well…it’ been almost a week since my last post – not my ultimate goal. Alas, when you have to be at the office at or before 4am 3 days of the week you find that a date with your pillow becomes top priority. At last that’s the way it is in my world. Let me tell you, last week my pillow was a great date!

At any rate, I do have several posts in my head – it’s just a matter of getting them out and uploaded. A promise to myself, as well as anyone who may choose to join me, from this point on I will publish a minimum of 3 posts a week. That should give me enough wiggle room for those wonderful date nights with my pillow!

This particular post, other than taking a moment to lay on the self-guilt out my slacking off, is about a recent Pinterest win!

Are you a ‘Pinner’? Have you succumbed to the addiction that is ‘pinning’? I am and I have (see me HERE). I am fully consumed with Pinterest and have been for several years. I want to say I jumped in sometime in 2011…if not earlier. I kid you not. I can’t really go a day without at least peeking at any new pins on my feed. Sad, really. However, I look at it as inspiration to feed my creative soul when I can’t get around to making anything during the week. At least that’s the story I’m clinging to this week!

I have tried a ton of recipes, made a lot of crafts, and purchased more products that I care to admit, all because of Pinterest (and my lack of will power!). I have 129 Boards and I fully intend on making or doing something from each one of those (no, really, I do!). If you are an avid Pinner, you know the term “Pinterest Fail”. I have had many PFs. No fun. Especially when you go in to it thinking that it should be easy. Of course the photos posted of these projects are perfect and the instructions lead you to believe the, “of course you can do this, and it will look just like this. Sit back and watch your family and friends be amazed.” (ok, maybe not that last part, but you know we all go into the projects with dreams of adoration and the ‘oohs’ & ‘ahhhs’ from those who love and support us when they gaze upon the glorious finished item.).

Now, for every PF I have had, there have been many more Pinterest Wins. This post is about a particular Pinterest Win that I had this week. Ok, it’s not really a craft project, but it is a tip on my ‘Graceful Living - Naturally’ Board – and has been for a while. I finally decided it was time to put it to the test.

When you think about this tip, it is truly genius!

Do you have ceramic tile on your house? Particularly, do you have it in your kitchen? I do: white ceramic tile with a light gray/brown grout. Now, I will not delve in to my frustration and confusion as to WHY anyone of normal thoughts and reasoning would choose these light colors here in the desert, where dust is as common as air, (this has kept me up at night…seriously.) but I’m sure you can feel my pain if you find yourself in the same situation.

The Miracle Product!

The Miracle Product!

Enter the pin about Clorox Bleach Toilet Bowl Cleaner.

Yep, that’s right…a toilet bowl cleaner for your kitchen tile! Sounds like a FABU combination, right? I mean, aren’t’ we supposed to keep the kitchen and bathroom stuff as far apart as possible? Well, sure…but not when it comes to cleaning items. At least, not now that we have this fantastic little gem of a tip!

Now, it must be the kind with bleach. You can choose whatever ‘style’ of the product you want. My personal choice is the cling gel. I have a big kitchen – 200+ square feet of just open space tile…that does not include those suckers tucked under the cabinets, in the pantry and under the fridge and stove. That being said, this technique works so well that I have almost completed the chore of the entire kitchen in a weekend, by only doing about 12, or so, square feet at a time – here and there throughout the day. can see a clean portion in the back and the portion that hasn't been touched yet in the front. can see a clean portion in the back and the portion that hasn't been touched yet in the front.

I do make my dog stay out of the kitchen while I’m in the midst of this task…although she would really rather assist me, even if it’s just to supervise! Keep children and animals out of the area until you are done. You can see by the photos what a difference it made.

The steps were very simple: I squirt the gel in the grout line, let it sit for 3-5 minutes, swipe the scrub across it a few times and wipe up with a wet cloth. Rinse the cloth and move on to the next section.

That’s it!

Before and after lines.

Before and after lines.


I always have a white towel when I’m doing this (or any other mopping on my tile) as it gets VERY slippery when it is wet, so I stand on the towel and ‘scooch’ across the wet tile drying it as I ‘scooch’.

I hope if you have a grout issue that you will give this a try. I think you will be happy. Plus, it’s a PINTEREST WIN!!!



(FYI – I received no payment or incentive from Clorox to post this information…I just did it because it has changed my world of cleaning and I wanted to ease the burden of other 'grout scrubbers' like me!)