The Best Laid Plans - It's Just Going to Have to be OK

It’s been one of those weeks/weekends.

You know the kid that just run away. You start out thinking you have it all under control: to-do lists made, plans in motion, positive attitude in swing.

All good, right?


The thing is, most of the reasons the week turned into a runaway train were not anything I had control over.

So, I rolled with the punches and got through the week. I knew that I had a fairly busy weekend as well, what I failed to do was plan for the fact that my plans are often (ok…always) unrealistic and never seem to account for side effects, sore muscles, other people’s schedules, etc.

I shot a 3 month photo session yesterday of my Grandson. It was a blast, a new learning curve and a reminder afterwards that I need to remember to take ibuprofen prior to and following a shoot. My back keeps reminding me of that! Sadly – I haven’t even gotten the images on to my hard drive. I’m hoping to do that tonight…then I need to find the time to edit them. Where that is going to happen I’m just not certain.

There was a lot more that needed to get done this weekend that did not – it’s going to have to be ok.

My Sedona Birthday Girl's Trip - 2011...great trip - amazing photos.

My Sedona Birthday Girl's Trip - 2011...great trip - amazing photos.

I am staring at another FULL week. Things need to get done; I’m not certain they will – and it’s going to have to be ok.

It’s going to have to be ok that I am an imperfect, over committed, wild, crazy and completely unrealistic woman when it comes to my own schedule.

It’s just going to have to be ok – because I’m just being true to who I am.




(that was not a post about anything other than my life being really messy – why not be honest?)