Eleanor & Margaret

Last week someone at work asked if I named my machines; sewing and serger?

My answer, oddly, was no.

Why might that be odd, you ask? Well…probably because I have named my KitchenAid, BlueBelle, and I fondly refer to her often when I’m cooking or baking. I spend a lot of time with BlueBelle.

So, I started to ponder names for my machines. I mean, seriously ponder. I don’t just want to throw a name on them that doesn’t fit (yes, I realize I’m probably putting far too much thought in to this process for inanimate objects!). After all, I spend a lot of time with these 2 machines as well (if  I’m not with BlueBelle, I’m usually with these two)

I pondered, and I pondered…I drank some wine…and I pondered some more.

Finally, this afternoon, the names came to me.

Are you ready?



For my sewing/embroidery machine I decided her name would be Eleanor. Why Eleanor? It’s after Eleanor Roosevelt. She wasn’t a super beautiful woman to look at, but she was strong and cut from hearty stock. She held firm to her beliefs and made some incredible contributions to this country. Yep, she is one of those women in history I would like to spend some time talking to if I could. And, since I spend a lot of time “talking” to my machine; and she is strong and hearty and creates amazing things, I decided Eleanor was a good name for her.



My serger was a little more difficult. She is a work horse. She gets in, assesses the situation and gets the job done. She has no time to waste and want to get the hard stuff done, make it look good and get on with the other things that wait. I chose the name Margaret, in honor of my maternal Grandmother. She was an amazing woman. She handled a lot of curve balls with grace and style. She got in and did the dirty work that needed to be done – but she didn’t waste time…for her there were more important things to get on with – such as family time!

And so there it is…now they have names.

Eleanor and Margaret – welcome to Snigglefritz & Me!

Both of my machines are Brother. I love them with all of my creative heart – and no, Brother did not pay, bribe or threaten me to say anything nice about them at all. I just plain love them…and that’s a fact.