Oh mercy my soul!!!

I’m just going to take a post and have a small moment of crafty-nerd-star-struck insanity!!!

Today one of my favorite artists – going way back to the beginning of my serious leap into the crafting world…Debbie Mumm - joined Pinterest (follow her HERE).


ME? Seriously? She actually hit the ‘follow’ button on my Pinterest page (now, I clearly understand that it could have been an assistant or intern that did this - but a girl can dream that she really does her own social let me dream!).


Now…you have to understand that I started loving this woman and her designs back in the early 90’s…shortly after the Rocket Scientist and I got married. I have her quilt books, I still have material from back then that I can’t bring myself to use (it might be scraps…but still!). I stood in line with my friend the day after Thanksgiving several years in a row just to get her figurines and Christmas items (adorable penguins and husky pups). I would be giddier about those things than about the Christmas gifts I was finding at such great prices!

Currently, I’m in absolute ADORE with her owls.

I always have one of her designs on my desktop (you can get free desktop backgrounds AND e-cards on her site!).

Oh, who am I kidding…I Adore all of her stuff – still. I wish I had an endless supply of funds… I would have a dedicated Debbie Mumm Fabric Shelf in my craft room.

Yep – I’m a nerd. I’m ok with that because….


(Ok…I now return you to the land of the not-so-nerdy crafty peeps!)