Of Wine & Sunsets...

This has been a very interesting week.

Monday I gave my 3 week notice at work. That was the biggest step to clearing the obvious obstacles in moving Snigglefritz & Me forward.

I’ve learned a lot this week…mostly about myself, but certainly about those around me.

What I’ve learned about me: I’m stronger than I thought I was, and I have  better sense of my character and integrity than I thought I had. I mean…you don’t really know what you are made of until it is put to the test, right? Chin up young person…

I have been reminded, once again, that fear can wreck you…and usually, it has an unfounded base on which to perch. I worried needlessly over stuff I had no control over – and I knew it. What a tremendous waste of energy. I mean, in the big picture – such silly stuff to worry over when there are people staring far greater things in the face without fear and worry.

Ahhh…growth – it is certainly never boring!

In the midst of this week of fun, the Rocket Scientist left to go to his hometown in Michigan and visit family. I think both of us were a little concerned that he was leaving at a time that could be pretty rough for me. Again…another test and growth experience.

My take away from him being gone for less than 48 hours tonight: I miss him horribly and was not cut out to be alone for long – especially at night. (Did you know noises get exponentially louder the later in the evening it gets? True story!). Now, during the day – that’s another story. Give me the house to myself, my Pandora or iPod, a filled pitcher of fresh brewed sweet tea, my Scentsy warmer with a chosen inspiring fragrance and time to create alone and I’m blissfully happy to be alone….for 8 or so hours – then I have words that need to be used and I need human contact. (Poor Rocket Scientist…I think he may have his hands full when he remembers that I will need to use all of my words after her returns home from work, once I am home full time again! The dog might abandon me as well!!)

All of that to say once again…this has been a very interesting week. Thus, I ended it tonight in the back yard, by the pool, with a glass of wine and a beautiful sunset (doing fierce battle with a raging herd of mosquitoes.) reflecting on what is to come.

I started a to-do list for when I am officially done at the office – it is pretty lengthy! It makes me happy! Even if I can’t really start on it until the 22nd of September (my last day is the 5th and I leave on a 10 day trip on the 10th that I will need to prepare for after I’m done with work).

Leaving my company is truly bittersweet for me. When I am officially done I will post about what we do – I think it’s pretty darned awesome – and yet, there are even more awesome things away from the company that await me.

For now I will let this miscellaneous post be what it is…random!

Happy weekend peeps!