Quick Update from the Duchess of Doug Moments...

Since I am one of those who want to know the results of a to-do list – I thought I would give a real quick update to my status from the list on yesterday’s post.

I said I would be lucky to finish 1/3 of the list. Well, I got some completed, and did some things that weren’t even on the list.

To Do: August 2, 2014 – August 3, 2014

  • Dishes – done, 2 loads
  • Laundry – sort of…this is a continuing project, but I have completed and put away 5 loads
  • Finish the kitchen floor - nope
  • Vacuum - nope
  • Dust the living room - nope
  • Wash fabric – done!
  • Fabric and Embroidery Floss at JoAnn’s – done!
  • Grocery List – yep!
  • Groceries; Bashas & Sprouts – done!
  • Target Run – nope (Maybe Tuesday after work)
  • Church – didn’t happen
  • Cut out sick horse pattern – no, but it’s printed
  • Sew 3 sets of eyes for horses – nope, but they are traced
  • Cut out dress for Madison - nope
  • Get quilts cut out - nope
  • Make crib skirt - nope
  • Finish black out curtains for kids – done and delivered
  • Plan menu for the week – hmmm…not on paper but in my head
  • Fill out planner for the month of August - nope
  • Write 2 more blog posts - yep
  • Pool payment - yep
  • Bake Lemon Blueberry cake – done (see the post HERE)
  • Make potato sausage and leek soup (yes, even in the hot desert I want soup!) – nope, but I made something else equally as yummy, so I count this!
  • Put up a few batches of soap - nope
  • Slice and prepare fruits and veggies for the week - yep
  • Take  few naps – just 1
  • Clean & purge more of the craft room – not a chance!

Now for the additional things I did:

  • Style and Pick up outfits for head shot session
    • Stein Mart
    • Charming Charlie
  • Picked up dinner to take to the kids when I took the curtains
  • Read and planned more blog education
  • Planned more of our vacation to Park City

Ok, so 13 out of 27, plus 4 more items. I would say that’ better than 1/3. Maybe I should give myself a little more credit. Or, the reality is, this was a fluke and may not happen again for a while!