No Good Excuse

I really have no good excuse for not posting this week. OK, other than life in my final weeks in the office has been INSANE!

Additionally, in the midst of leaving work (and all the garbage that comes with that…Calgon, take me away) I am preparing to leaving for a conference and vacation for 10 days. That occurs 4 days after I leave my office job. Maybe I didn’t think the timing through really well.

I will be leaving Tucson to SLC and the Click Away Photography Conference from the 10th through the 13th. Roger will then fly up and we will drive to Park City to spend a glorious week of not doing much of anything except sleeping, eating, hiking and snapping photos. Well, there might be a hot air balloon ride and perhaps a zip line adventure…maybe

I already have it on my agenda to write a few posts while I am away – we will just have to see what the internet situation is. I will not be paying for it in my room – that just keeps us plugged in when we really shouldn’t be. If I have to go to the lobby, that means a little more effort.

OK, well…I just thought I should take a moment to check in. I have a few more posts planned for this week and then it is off to Utah and some preparation for a new adventure ahead while recovering from the old adventure behind!