Diary of a Mad Planner (& Her Planner)...

One of my first few posts on the blog was about having a blog planner, and that I was putting one together, made just for me. You can read that post HERE. I put up one photo of it – but wanted to save the bigger part until I was done putting it all together.

Well, I’m done assembling it now and I’m completely in love. As I mentioned in my post, there are some things I would have done differently, but for the most part I am thrilled with it.

I am a planner, a list maker, a total OCD-need-to-check-it-off-the-list type person. I am that person who actually adds things to my to-do list that I’ve already done…just so that I can have the satisfaction of checking them off (don’t judge)! With that in mind, I asked my best friend, who is an amazing wizard with all things digital/printable, over at SweetheartCreative if she would please help me come up with a design for a blog planner. I needed something to help me get started, to keep me going, to track all of my ideas and the like. I told her the pages/sections I thought I was going to need and she went to town!

I know there are some folks out there who would say I should just use my Google Calendar, or my phone calendar, or this and that app out there that will help you do all of that. I know these things…I use some of them – but I need multiple venues of tracking and reminding right now. In the future that may changes as I find my groove, but for now, much like I need to read a real book and not an e-book, these multiple formats…and especially the paper version, assist me in getting here I need to go. Plus…I wanted something pretty with my logo on it!


I kid you not. She got it all in there – in the size I wanted it, the colors are spot on, everything works for me. There is of course a monthly calendar, goals by the week, goals by the month, a tracker for blog ides, a blog series tracker, give away tracker, and so much more (as I am writing this in Park City, Utah right now…enjoying a much needed vacation with The Rocket Scientist, I can’t quite recall all of the sections!). I am loving it.

As you can see by one of my photo…yes, I am just that crazy that I have some matching washi tape (purchased at another one of my Etsy favorites, The Sewing Post) and I place it on my calendar for the various types of events/deadlines I have. I like I – again…I need the pretty. There is just something about it that, for now, keeps me moving forward and happy. When that ceases for be the case, I will change my ways. Until then…pretty it as pretty does!

I mentioned there are a few things that I would change…and they really aren’t changes so much as additions. Before I assembled the planner, I should have inserted tab pages. I can still make my own tabs and place them on the starting pages of each section…but I should have thought about this prior to the assembling and added the sturdier pages in. The next thing I want to add…isn’t even an addition to the planner, but another ‘pretty’…I would like to have a matching note pad for my to-do lists outside of the planner (cleaning list, grocery list, meal list, etc.!). Perhaps I will see if she can whip one of those up for me (I really only want my header and some lines to write upon). That’s really it – the only changes/additions I would make.

Kristina is still putting items up in her shop on a weekly basis…and now that I have posted this – you can bet she will be putting more up soon! Please hop over there and see if she has something you might like (there is a great planner for photographers to use as well!). Look for a future post with some of the printables she is working on for my Nursery/Playroom at Gigi & Pops’ place!