Sunday Seven - Drink More Water

Here we are – 18 days in to the new year. Of course, most people have set up new goals and resolutions for the new year – and hopefully are still keeping with them just 18 days in.

Last year I made a commitment to myself to drink more water. Once I started doing so (I drink about a gallon a day) I noticed a huge difference. So much so that, when I don’t get in at least a third of my normal consumption, I feel really icky. It’s not worth it. Of course, I like to drink other stuff, but since my downfall is soda, I stay away from it as much as possible. The deal I made with myself is, for every caloric drink I have, I drink the same amount in water. So far it is working well…soda has become something that I don’t crave anymore, and it is so sweet to me that I really only have one very few weeks.

Now, I will say that I’m not a huge fan of plain water. I don’t need it sweet, but I need to have a little bit of ‘flavor’ in it. (When I have an upset stomach all I want is cold water with ginger extract.) I started to think of all of the great combinations there are with fruits and veggies – and then I started experimenting. It has been fun and I thought I would share some of my favorite combinations on today’s Sunday Seven.

  1. Cucumber Mint – This is one of my go to combos in the summer. It is great to have out by the pool.

  2. Lemon Mint – I think it has become pretty well know that starting the day with lemon water really kicks your metabolism into gear for the day ahead. Why not drink it all day long (great for electrolyte replacement)?

  3. Lemon Mint Ginger – Same as above, I throw the ginger in for help with digestion.

  4. Lemon Blueberry – Can you say SUPER FOODS!

  5. Lemon Raspberry Mint – Again, another great one for the summer hot months.

  6. Apple Cinnamon – I love using Honey Crisp apples in this – and I rinse whole cinnamon sticks and then break them in half before I throw them in the pitcher. Cinnamon is another great digestive aide.

  7. Strawberry Kiwi Mint – Because…YUMMO!

For all of the waters I make, I put the fruits in the pitcher first, muddle them a little bit, top with ice to muddle some more, and then pout the filtered water in. I leave my gallon drink dispenser on my kitchen island all day and refill my glass as needed. I find that if it is our here I see it – I consume more. I use a 24oz. Tervis Tumbler (I have several!) and refill it multiple times a day.

Here is to a healthier 2015 – DRINK MORE WATER!