Wednesday Wisdom & Wonderings - Behind the Scenes

Here we are at another Wednesday – and I’m forging down the path that I started on last week: looking at how women support and help each other. Most of that comes by learning who we are right at this very moment in life, and recognizing that who we are changes according to the season of life that we happen to be in.

So, something that I try to remind myself often, especially if I’m in the midst of a struggle with someone, or a disagreement, is that I don’t know what is going on in that other person’s life right at this moment. And the important part about remembering that is, whatever is going on in their world will have a profound effect on how they handle the situation they are currently facing with you.

I guess that this point has really been sticking with me, not so much because I’m working through disputes or anything negative, so to speak, but more for the fact that I wonder how often this view isn’t taken into consideration. I think maybe because eI seem to wonder if anyone actually thinks that when they are dealing with me….and have I actually created the environment where it’s not something anyone outside of my family would ever think of doing? You know…because of that Type A plus thing I have going on. Always putting forward a happy face, got it all together, never let ‘em see ya cry…that thing!

I know that when I am friends with someone who always seems to have it together it is very easy to forget that they are just human and probably have some big things going on in their world too. Sometimes they need someone to come along side and just say “hey…I’m here and how are you doing?” Furthermore, as someone who walks this path, I tend to not want to be a burden for anyone, so I will make certain not to give anyone a reason to ask if I’m doing ok. I think that might be a universal tendency for those walking in the Type A world!

There is a song by Francesca Battistelli called “Behind the Scenes" (click on the title to view the video). The lyrics are so perfect for this. How we so often never see beyond the surface of those around us…and how we just assume that all things are going well and are perfect for them. In reality, we have no idea what is going on behind the scenes.

I realize these are truly a pile of my thoughts hanging out on the screen and some people may think that I’m nuts at this point. I’m ok with that. I really want to understand how and why I think this way, and move through this life processing this way…because I want to better understand how to support those women in my life. To lift them up and move them forward as they work to make their dreams come true.

Again, this goes back to my post from last week. I’m still dreaming of a group of creative women coming together to make a community of support for each other and beyond – without jealousy, competitive behavior and the like. I want to see that happen sooner rather than later.

Ok…I’m done rambling.