Wednesday Wisdom & Wonderings


Today is Wednesday…again. Funny how a week will just fly right by and it feels as though barely a few days have passed by.

Of course, I’m still thinking, pondering and ruminating on how we, as women, best serve and encourage each other. Over the last few weeks I have been focused on how creative women in business do this in their own community. I still have a dream on that one, but I’m not hearing from any locals yet…perhaps I will just put a meeting together and see if anyone comes!).

This week, however, I would like to shine the light on women as a whole. How do we encourage each other? How do we lift each other up? How do we help one of our own through the negative thoughts in her head?

As I wonder about these things, I started thinking about what kind of woman I am and how do I like to be encouraged.  I know one thing for a fact…I don’t want fake encouragement – or backhanded compliments. I don’t like receiving those and I don’t want to be the type of person who gives them either. There is nothing worse than hearing, “oh wow that is a great item. I can’t believe you did that.” Or “My friend SuzieQ makes something similar…but she only charges $XX amount.”

When the Rocket Scientist and I were driving to church last week we were talking about friendship and what does that look like. We were also talking about how I am with my family and friends. (He’s a really good guy as he listens quietly while I’m fleshing all of these things out…and puts in his thoughts only when needed. I think I will keep him for a few more decades!). I think the way we treat others and think about others become the way in which we can be encouraged.

For example, I am one of those people who remember details. If you tell me that you have an appointment, I will remember that and ask you how it went. Or, if you tell me you like a certain flavor of something, I will think of you when I see that something out and about – chances are, I will pick it up and get it for you…as a little ‘you were in my thoughts’ gift.

I do this for my family, for my friends and for the people I’m ministering to. And, to be honest, today when an order came in, the person shared a small detail in their notes…and I’m sending a small piece of the candy that somehow came up in that electronic conversation. It is just who I am – and I wonder if it will always be that way? I hope it will.

The thing about me…as much as I do this – I have had to come to the realization that not everyone operates in this same way. For some, it is all they can do to get through the day and remember that a birthday might be happening in their world in that week. We give and encourage for the mere sake of giving and encouraging – not to get anything back.

We lift up with our words because it is the right thing to do – not because it will drive sales, or garner us anything in the material world.

Who are you? How do you give encouragement to family and friends? How do you want people to encourage you?

Ok…that’s a lot of rambling. Like I said in every post prior – these are just the thoughts rolling out of my head. Eventually they may all make sense. For now though…may they just encourage you to think about life and how you give and how you receive.