Sunday Seven - Favorite Beauty Products

Sunday Seven from yesterday was interrupted by the Super Bowl food madness that took over this house!

Do you have those weeks where it seems like every personal or beauty product you use seems to run out at exactly the same time? I wish there was a way to stagger this process, but unfortunately, I haven’t mastered that yet!

In the midst of my frustration in going to different stores picking up each of these products, I thought I would share my favorite personal and beauty products. Keep in mind…this is only a list of 7 – but I have many more. These are just my top 7 products.

MAC Prep & Prime BB Beauty Balm – I would have never thought that I would wear a light weight foundation. That was until I stepped foot into a MAC store last year. Then I was hooked. It is a light weight but full coverage foundation with a property that makes your skin glimmer (and not in that oil-slick-shine kind of way!).As a middle aged woman who still fights oily skin, I was so happy to have found this product.



MAC Lip Glass – Oh my. I have not yet fully embraced actual lipstick…it’s just too thick for me. However, I like gloss…in a light color. I discovered lip glass form MAC and it fits the bill for me. They have a great selection of colors and it is super creamy and long-lasting.





Feria Hair Color – Ok…so, being raised in a home with a hair stylist during my very formative and important teen years – I learned a lot. I was the model for all of the people my mom knew who were taking their boards. You don’t sit in a styling chair for that many hours and not learn a few things. I really paid attention to those who liked to color hair. When my parents opened our salon my freshman year in high school, I played with the color on myself. I know what I like and how it should look, and I know what it is that most stylists don’t understand – if I tell you I want red in my hair you don’t put red based color…as a blonde you use GOLDEN colors! (One of the times I let someone else color it…this happened and it ended up pink. I died). I have only paid for someone else to color my hair a few times in my adult life…and I mean only 2 times. To me, it’s crazy to pay that price to maybe get what I want. So, I color my own hair. For many years I used a 2 step process, but it has been discontinued in my color choice, so I had to switch to a new product. Feria was it…and for the biggest reason of it being mulch-dimensional.  I love how it goes on, the time that it stays very vivid and the multi tonal properties. It’s great for those of us who refuse to pay out the whoohaa for color.

Urban Decay De Slick Spray - I LOVE THIS STUFF!!!! Honestly, I think that this is one of the most important products in my arsenal. I have never been able to get through a day without having a virtual oil slick on my face at the end. You would think that wouldn’t be an issue now that I’m closer to 50…but alas, my skin hasn’t gotten the memo that we have graduated high school, had a child and are now a Gigi! Now that I have discovered this spray, I can actually end my days and not be blotting my face! I love it and the routine I’ve come up with to evade oily skin. LOVE IT!!!!!


Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm – I have been a Burt’s Bees fan for many, many years. It stays on for a long time, restores and retains moisture and it just feels good. It feels like it is actually healing. I have a tube in my purse, by my recliner, in the craft room and on my night stand. I am never without it!


Philosophy Live Joyously Fragrance – So…you know how you get hooked on a fragrance and it can become your signature? Like, my grandmother always wore White Shoulders. I smell that scent today and I’m instantly flooded with sweet memories of her. Well, I had a fragrance like this for myself…it was Philosophy Inner Grace. However, it seems they are phasing this out now…and I’m so sad. Alas, they have come out with a new fragrance called Live Joyously. It’s just as wonderful as Inner Grace (to a point), so I think I’m going to be switching it up soon. In reality – anything from Philosophy makes me happy!

Johnson & Johnson Baby Moisture Wash – I started using this back in 2006 when a dear friend and co-worker (shout out to Josie O!) was pregnant and suffered morning sickness pretty badly…and scent were one thing that would send her over the edge. I have never been a person to not wear lotion and perfume, but I didn’t want to make her sick either. So, we figured out she could handle the baby lotion smell and I started using the wash and lotion. I haven’t stopped. I love the smell (who doesn’t love fresh baby smell!?) and the fact that the products don’t dry my skin.

What are some of your favorite go-to products for personal/beauty care?