Sunday Seven - Are We Humans or Are We Animals? (Thoughts on Manners)

Today’s Sunday Seven is brought to you by your Grandmother’s Lessons in Manners!

Seriously, I have had a few encounters over the past several months that have made me wonder if society is just going to hell in a hand basket as far as manners and etiquette is concerned? I mean, do these things that I consider ‘normal life manners’ just not get taught anymore?

That being said, there are a few things that I think are just a part of life and should be honored as much as possible by those who consider themselves decent humans…wanting to make the world a better place (even if it is only in your corner of the world, these are still little way to show importance to detail).

Without further ado:

1.       More than saying thank you: When someone does something for you, or gives something to you, I was raised that more than saying thank you is required. I feel like we let this slide far too often. It’ not like it has to be a hand written note sent in the post (however, that says so much about how you think about the people in your world…when I take the time to write a note I feel a little more connected to the recipient), in this age even an email or text says that you at least took some timeout of your day to write ‘thank you’.

2.       Be prompt to respond:  In all things, don’t delay in responding. This means calls, letters, emails and texts. If someone has sent you a message or email or letter, respond to them as soon as you can…not as soon as you want. Even a message back of “I’m busy with XXX right now but I want to get back to you soon with more information…” This doesn’t mean text while driving, but when you stop send a text back.

3.       Write like a fully evolved human…not a caveman: This means more than 2 word answer or responses. Seriously – it’s called COMMUNICATION. We don’t live in a society where grunts and clicks are acceptable – this includes the written word as well as the spoken word.

4.       Say Thank You for small kindnesses: When someone holds the door for you, say thank you. When someone lets you go in front of them in line, say thank you. Just say thank you.

5.       Chivalry is not dead – neither is respecting your elders: If you are a guy, open the car door for the ladies in your life. Hold the building doors open for them too. No matter your gender, hold the doors to buildings for anyone, but mostly for your elders. Offer to help if you see someone struggling (example: I’m a shorty and last week in the grocery store I couldn’t reach something on the top shelf…while a teen well over 6 ft. was next to me watching. Instead of offering to help, he walked away…grrrr!).

6.       Encourage don’t undermine: Ok…this may not be traditional manners or etiquette, but since I’ve started trying to grow my business I notice this is really important. Encourage those around you who are creatives in business (any business)…post on their blogs, like their Facebook status’s, tell them what you like in their product line, etc. If you are another creative, don’t steal from them their ideas, or snark at or about them. This holds true in all areas of life.

7.       And last but most important: I think it is part of the Golden Rule (or it should be) If you can’t say anything nice…KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT! It’s sort of like giving advice, if you weren’t asked, don’t give it!

So, I think more than anything this post is a rant for me. However, when you take time to look around, you see that manners and considerations are slowly going away. It’s sad. I think it happens as time passes and we become like little islands.

What are your thoughts on manners?