Wednesday Wisdom and Wonderings - #SpeakBeautiful

Selfie for March - Wednesday Words.jpg

(no wine was consumed for this morning shoot - but there will be wine consumed later tonight!)

I had lunch with my friend today and shared with her one of my continuing struggles that had occurred earlier in the morning.

I was setting up to shoot a 'selfie' for my 365 photography challenge. I hate selfies...of me. Don't get me wrong, I completely understand how important it is that we get in front of the lens, but man do I find it hard to do. Nevertheless, I got everything set up, had in my head ideas of poses and where I wanted the light...blah...blah...blah...

So, I got it all set up and was getting myself all psyched up and then, when the light was good, I headed into the living room and get these shots taken. And I crumbled. i kept taking shot after shot and when  looked at the play back...I hated them. I was picking them all apart. Then I realized - I was picking me apart. It was ME I didn't like. (the photo above, as well as the one that will be posted on my IG & Facebook accounts tomorrow for the 365 prompt)


I crumbled. Literally sat in the chair and cried. You see, it doesn't matter what others say to's our self talk that seems to run our self confidence and feelings.

Have you seen the Dove #SpeakBeautiful campaign? Or any of the Dove campaigns in the past year? Watch the video below and stand in awe.

They are amazing. It's as though their ad folks are looking straight into the hearts of women. I know that a big part of this is to empower and strengthen young girls and young women, but I hope they know how much it impacts women of all ages. 5 million negative tweets...I know I have posted some of the same ones I read on this ad.

So, in the midst of my full on meltdown this morning the thought hit me..."What are you going to do to change the way you see yourself, Stacy?" I mean, I think somewhere a long the way we came to buy into the belief that if you think you are pretty or beautiful, that means you are conceited or narcissistic. I don't believe that has to be the case at all.

And so...I'm taking steps to change my self talk and view of who I am and not be so swayed and worried about what others think of the way I look. I think part of that is pouring into others the words they needs to hear. Everyone needs to hear they are beautiful...because we all are.

My encouragement to anyone who reads this blog...#SpeakBeautiful to someone, anyone, but especially to YOURSELF!