Sunday Seven - Going on an Adventure...While Staying in Town

A few weeks back I wrote about getting out of my comfort zone and exploring my city/area more…and in the process, practicing my photography. I posted to my Facebook page asking for those who live here in Arizona to give me some of their ideas…to see if I could get anything different from what I already had.

I have a lot of ideas and places and thought I would list out seven of them on today’s Sunday Seven. I have no idea when I will hit each of these places…but rest assured, when I do, I will be blogging about it.


Reid Park Zoo– Of course this was going to be on the list. Who doesn’t like going to the zoo? The best part about our zoo right now is our sweet baby elephant, Baby Nandi. She is such a treat to watch.




Degrazia Gallery – I have heard that this place is great. It is really just down the road from our home and I think I will be going here sooner rather than later.


Sweetwater Wetlands – this is a place that is also about 10 minutes from my house. I have heard several people, especially photographers, say this place is pretty. My concern is…the smell. After all, it is right next to the water treatment plant. When we drive by on the way to the airport – the smell can be…mind numbing – and not in a good way. However, I will not let that stop me from checking it out – I will never know until I go!

Agua Caliente Park – This is a bit of a drive for me. I’ve been a few times – most recently about a year ago to shoot a maternity session. The water level is dwindling; however we have had so much rain this winter perhaps the water level has risen.





Sabino Canyon – This is a staple for any of our visitors to see. Again, we have had so much rain I think the creek and surrounding area would be beautiful.





Sanctuary Cove – This is a pretty area just to the west of where I live. I’ve heard lots of great things about this refuge of solitude.  I think maybe I just want to go out and have some quiet time and re-center and redirect my heart.




Tucson Botanical Gardens – I’ve seriously only been here once in all of the years I’ve lived here.  I loved the Butterfly Experience and want to go back to see what I see now.





Honestly, this is just a small portion of the list I have. These are all local to Tucson. I do have a list of places to visit that are a little bit of a drive – but still in the Southern Arizona region. Maybe this spring I will find my way to Tubac, Wilcox, Sonoita, Bisbee and a few more.

Next week I will have a list of culinary places I would like to visit. Nothing earth shattering, but places I want to go try…outside of the usual 2 square mile radius the Rocket Scientist and I seem to stay in when it comes to eating!