6 months Out...Life is GOOD!

Today is March 5th. Exactly six months ago today, September 5th, I walked away from my 18 hour a day job (you think I exaggerate…I am not).

It took me almost a year to get to the point that I was ok leaving that job. And a good 4 months prior to allow myself the time to come around to the fact that I would be ok not going to an office every day.

When I started writing down my ideas for blog posts after I quit, I had a “Day In The Life…” post for 6 weeks out, 3 months out and 6 months out…out from “the job”. I honestly had no clue what this all was going to look like. To be honest, it doesn’t look like I thought it would.

IT IS SO MUCH BETTER! (the photo above is just a small clue as to how happy I am…I would have never been able to enjoy A Beautiful Mess and all that is in it had I still been working like crazy in a non-creative environment. If you have time, check out their website HERE.)

I’m finally past all of those thoughts that I think everyone who leaves a full time office job has…you know, especially when you feel wounded and hurt. I still get together with some of my former co-workers and I adore my time with them. However, I don’t miss all of the stuff they talk about. Not…one…bit! I still am also still in contact with a handful of my favorite clients from around the world – and I love emailing and messaging with each of them. They inspire me – as they always have. I’m thankful for the job that brought me these unique and special international friendships.

So…six months has been a great time to detox the heart & mind, and to move forward in the new adventure of Snigglefritz & Me…which has gone slower than I anticipated – mostly because I think the Rocket Scientist is very happy to have an at home wife again. Thus, there are a lot of things that need to be done. The animals are all thrilled as well.  Quite honestly, I don’t mind at all running errands and taking care of the domestic things.

I wish I could give you an idea of what my days look like now. At this very time, I am so busy with doctor’s appointment (that were put off because of my hours), volunteering with church and getting the house back into a working order that I have to plan my sewing time. As you can see by my planner, all of the stuff on the week are things that are outside of the house or in preparation for something outside of the house. This week has not been good for getting any sewing done – and I’m ok with that because next week is a different week.

There is just no set schedule or agenda at this particular time (don’t get me wrong…I have had some really strict schedules, and I will again. After all…sewing has to get done!)

Here is what I do know about “A Day in the Life…” – 6 months out and I finally have the freedom to be ok with not having a set and hard schedule. What I know are the things I am able to do now without feeling as though I just need to take care of home stuff in all of the hours I am not working.

Right now my “A Day in the Life…” post has really morphed into a post about the things I’m finally able to do…when I want to do them.  Here are some of those things that have been done, are being done or are on the list to be done:

  • Sew every day

  • Practice hand lettering

  • Plan blog posts

  • Cook for more than just a meal – cook for education and the cookbook

  • Plan a cookbook

  • Have and keep up with a personal planner (before I was lucky to have random sheets of paper with miscellaneous to do lists on them for my personal stuff – but the work planner always got taken care of.)

  • Start, shoot and keep up with a 365 photography challenge

  • Learn more about photography

  • Try new recipes and not be too worried about messing them up , because I actually have time to try it again if I want

  • Go to new places to eat around town

  • Go to museums and the zoo and other fun places around town

  • Go to a church Women’s Retreat

  • Host a small group in our home

  • Create and donate items for a local school fundraiser

  • Come up with a pattern for a new item that people are interested in

  • Make an appointment any time of the day I want

  • Babysit the Lil Man…any time needed or wanted

  • Have dinner ready and waiting for the Rocket Scientist when he comes home from work

  • Keep up with house work and laundry!

Yep – life is busy – but it’s busy because I make it that way, not because someone else dictates my schedule.  It’s a happy busy.

I am excited at the changes and projects coming up…and I’m so blessed to have the opportunity to be able to live in the creative world for now. I hope you will stick with me and read all about the adventures I find myself on!