This is What Happens (Diary of a Bad Planner)...

"When you fail to plan, you plan to fail." Seriously, that is the truest truism in my life! This is what happens when I fail to planner sits empty and nothing that needs to get done gets done - and then I beat myself up (like really, WWE of self bullying! I need to stop that.).

I know this about myself, and yet I thought that in the months of April and May I could 'wing it'.

News Flash...I cannot 'wing it'! Ever!

I don't even want to recount the things that I haven't gotten accomplished. And yes, I know that this month I had hand surgery so that took me out of the blogging sphere for 3 weeks - but if I had planned better I would have scheduled posts.

I had good intentions to do so...but you know what road is paved with good intentions!

Alas, turn the page and here we are on the first day of June and a whole new world of possibilities. And yet, my planner pages are not filled as hey should be...yet (that will be changing here in about an hour!)

I am getting my Project 365 pages updated, getting the Raspberry Lemon muffins up today and scheduling some poss to run over the next few weeks (including the Dr. Seuss 1st Birthday Party and the long overdue Tiffany Baby Shower).

The biggest thing I am thinking of accomplishing over the summer months is a redesign of my logo. This is a big thing to do, but right now i would like Snigglefritz & Me to reflect more of me - a little more refined and not so cutesie. The business is going well - but more by word of mouth than the Etsy store - which is just hasn't left me much time for a whole lot of anything else (between sewing and planning parties!).

I promise to be better about posting - now that I have both hands back in working order...and I'm back having regular dates with my Planner and my to-do lists!