Happy Father's Day to My Guys...

Right there – Four Generations of Shew-MacLaren Men.

Of course Lil Man had my heart the first time I saw that initial sonogram of the little monkey! But this post is more about the other 3 men in that photo.

Gentlemen…in honor of Father’s Day – let me tell you, in horribly inadequate and feeble words, just how much you each mean to me.

Dad (you get the most words because you are MY DAD!)…I can’t imagine who I would have become without you in my life to mold and make me into the girl I am. I remember how we pushed and pulled against each other after you and mom got married – trying to find our way into a Father/Daughter dance. I remember watching you break bricks in the backyard, or your crazy obsession with GrapeNuts (and how I don’t think I ever learned that a little goes a long way with that stinkin’ cereal.). I remember the ‘don’t tell your mom’ moments (many of which I did tell her! Secret…what secret?). Or how important it was that we had special dinners and movie dates and time just for us to talk. I will always remember Thanksgiving dinner at Uncle Dennis’ & Aunt Sharon’s house (I think I was in 4th grade) and Grandma Shew holding my face in her hands, looking up at you and commenting, “I can’t believe how much you are alike!” (you should have known then I was going to be trouble in a few short years!). I swelled with pride that day – and every day after that. You were the one I never wanted to disappoint. You were the one whose approval I wanted – and pretty much always got. For me, things always needed to be ok between you and me (mom and I would always work it out – I knew that). I still crave your advice. When life is crazy and people are mean, it is your voice of reason that I fall back on. There are phrases that will stick with me forever…”We don’t use the words ‘I can’t’ – we say ‘I will try my best.’ Or the classic, “Just let them all run around in circles and blow up!” You taught me what being ‘squared away’ looked like. You have always been my biggest fan, greatest defender, voice of reason…my hero. And you will always be those things. I have been given the best gift a girl can be given – you as my Father. I love you.

Son…I can’t imagine my life without you. I was such a scared 17 year old when you entered the world, looked around and took over! The moment I looked in your tiny little face was the moment I actually began breathing and living the life I was meant to live – as your mom. Yep – I was young, but you and I were going to grow up together and we were going to make it. I can’t begin to tell you just how proud I am of you. Every obstacle you overcome never ceases to amaze me. You are so much like your dad it’s crazy – such smartie pants I have in my life! I’m proud of the man you have become and are becoming. Proud of the life you have provided for Ruth and Liam. Proud of the Dad you are. It melted my heart to see you lose your heart to that little boy on his first day of life. I know that you still have many life events to go through, and I can’t wait to watch you grow in the journey. I am proud to be your mom – it thrills my soul. I love you son!

Rocket Scientist – Love of my life. Every time I think things can’t get any better, the days become sweeter. I will never forget the day I knew we were going to be married – and I’m so happy we both went into married life a little on the naïve side. That just meant we got to grow in the big things together. I love you deeper and deeper each day that goes by. I know we drive each other crazy – and are polar opposites in so many ways – but I’m so glad we have made it work. It makes life so fun and exciting…never boring! I know you well enough not to gush too much or be too sappy on this blog – that will be saved! However, know this – you are the sun to my moon and I hope that I reflect well the light that you give. I love you…always have, always will. Ditto!

Happy Father’s Day to these 3 men if my life!