Of Hard Life and a Good God...


Life is hard, but God is good...

That little line has become one of the standard things we say to each other in tough times. It has become something "easy" to say...it breaks the silence of a situation there are no words for. Much like, "I'm sorry for your loss."

But here's the deal, life IS hard and God IS good. In fact, He is so much MORE that good!! We don't know how good He is until we have nothing but Him. That doesn't mean His goodness makes life easy, but it brings an unexplainable peace and comfort in the midst of the hard life.

I woke up to my news feed holding a reminder from this day last year - we were back in the ER (after having been released from a 2 week stay just 2 days before) with PJ. It would be another 17 days before we would bring him home again. We had no clue how hard those 2 1/2 weeks ahead of us would be, and yet God was using those to prepare us for the even harder year ahead, and to some extent, these hard days now. In the hard, He was good, and gracious and present.

God is good, indeed, to allow me to rise to the top of the wave of grief to catch my breath in random moments. And gracious to fill my soul with the breath of His life even when I'm flailing at the bottom of the ocean floor, held down by the sadness.

Words don't make the hurt go away. God doesn't make the hurt go away - the hurt is part of the process. What God does is carry us through it and provide peace & comfort in the midst of it. To any parent who has said goodbye to a child, there is an ever present, unfillable empty space in your heart that will never be filled...yet God is the continuing salve that comforts and soothes the raw wound.

Life is hard, but God is MORE than good!
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