Of a Father's Day,a Departed Son and a Holy Pause....


Today was hard. Harder than either of us anticipated. In the quiet morning many tears were shed. We talked of God and peace, of knowing he is dancing and singing and being wrapped in the amazing arms of God - the actual arms of the One who created him. All of his questions are answered now.

And we wept.

There are no words. None. There are no simple quotes, common phrases, books, nothing...nothing to take away, or at the very least lessen, this searing pain of losing a child. Nothing takes away the nagging questions: did we do enough? Were we good enough parents? Did he know how much we loved him?

And then, with the smoke from a fire, God exhaled the close of the day with this sky. Beauty from ashes - literally and figuratively. This is the season of a horrible, yet holy pause.

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