Of Italian Mules and Heinous Attitudes...


Let's face it, in this IG & FB world, where we tend to present a prettier than reality social media feed, it is easy to hide the ugly side of our lives. It would be so simple to put this great photo of a beautiful Italian Mule here and let people believe we have the perfect romance after 25 years.

And that would be a big, fat, hairy lie.

The ugly truth is that 3 major holidays, two new digits in the year, a surgery with 6 weeks of recovery and a big football game have taken place since our last date night. There, it's out there. Yep, for the sake of others we sacrificed our habit of connection with each other. We said "yes" to everyone, and everything else, and "no" to us.

Stupid. Dumb. Foolish.

Tonight we corrected that. But it wasn't pretty. I had a stupendously heinous attitude - one that required apologies, begging for forgiveness and hitting the restart button multiple times. It ended on a high note, but man was it a struggle...because we lost our habit. We allowed space to grow, the links in our chain of connection got pulled apart.

We need connection. With spouses, with family, with friends, with community. When we sacrifice connection on the altar of busy-ness we lose. And not in a small way...in ways we can't recover. We dont get those moments back. We were not made to be disconnected from those we love, even for a little bit. We must be intentional to connect or we become intentional in our disconnection.

How are you making space for habitual connection with your loved ones?