Sunday Seven - Foodie Adventure in Town

Last week the Sunday Seven was a small list of the places in my city that I plan to take some small adventures, you know, to get myself out of this small, 3 square mile box I seem to live in. This week I want to list a few of the culinary spots around town I would like to go visit and experience.

I clearly understand that I am WAY behind the times on some of these places. There will be several in my circle who have already been to most of these spots – I’m ok with that…at least I plan to go now.

The Hub Creamery – Um…can you really go wrong with ice cream?

Cup Café – It’s been around for a while and has become a place to go downtown.

Le Caves Bakery – The make the most amazing Tres Leches cake I have ever tasted. While I’ve had the cake, I’ve never been there to sample all of the other amazing flavors I hear are there.

The Gourmet Girls – This is one of the gluten free spots here in town. I’ve heard great things – so I need to experience it myself!

The Parish – can you say CAJUN? I love me some gumbo and hushpuppies. I can’t believe I haven’t been to this place before since it is just down the road from where I reside!  I think I shall wait until the Mardi Gras season has passed – maybe?

Poppy Kitchen – this is a place on the same property as the resort I worked at for several years. The place that occupied the building prior was pretty amazing – I have high hopes for this please, even though it’s owned by someone different…because this great location deserves a great restaurant.

Open Space – nope this isn’t a place (yet), but just a spot to leave open for some places YOU might suggest I check out. Where so you think I should go here in Tucson? Maybe I’ve been there, maybe I haven’t.