Sunday Showcase - H2O

You can tell I live in the desert because right now my posts are sun and summer focused. However, this post is relevant all year (and really, so I the sunscreen post).

Water is important. Here in the desert it is vital and we so easily forget this fact.

During the summer months we hear so many ‘rescue hiker’ stories where they just weren’t’ carrying enough eater. They could have easily hiked out of the area they were in, if they had only had enough water (you would be shocked at how many people take off on a hike with a small 12oz bottle of water in the middle of July when the temps will hit 110-117 degrees).

Now, I will be honest…I haven’t always had a great track record of drinking water. I feel like it is just too plain, and I used to think it was just too much work to give it any kind of flavor.

I was wrong. And yes, it burns my finger a little to type that “w” word!

Two years ago I was working crazy hours and feeling horrid. I decided I would make an effort to start drinking more water, especially at work. I got a U of A Tervis Tumbler (I now have 3 of these tumblers, in different designs, and I would easily take 2 or 3 more!) and made the decision that I would drink at least 3 of them throughout the day.  To make the water more palatable for me (and insure that I kept drinking the water), I would slice lemons or oranges up at the beginning of the week and put them in to snack sized baggies, then I would take a baggie to work so I could add the fruit to my water.

I stuck to it and found, after about 3 weeks, if I drank any less than those 3 tumblers full I would feel icky…truly sick to my stomach. Now, if you know me well, you know that I would do almost anything to not have nausea! Thus, I kept on drinking the water. It did make me pee more - but I started to look at that as a blessing because those potty breaks became moments to take a break (too much information? so, no I'm not!)

Once I left work and started working from home I was able to be a little more creative with my water combos. I even decided to grow some of the herbs myself – it’s kinda fun to go out to the porch to pick fresh mint and basil.

I thought I would share a few of them here for you. I still make a gallon of infused water each morning and continue to fill the pitcher up as I empty it each day. Then I start fresh the next morning. I don’t have photos for all of these, but you will get the idea. If you want to mix it up a little (sometimes I need some bubbles) I will do the same fruit combos in a glass and pour Pellegrino over it.

Try some…I think you will like them (and as an FYI – I was doing the lemon water long before all the celebs made it “in style” in the past few months!)

Ginger Pear

Basil Cucumber Lemon

Lemon Ginger

Strawberry Mint

Strawberry Kiwi

Lemon Lime

Orange Mint

Blueberry Lemon Mint

Raspberry Lemon

Melon Cucumber

Pomegranate Orange

Are you getting your water intake every day!?