Guess Who Is Back!?

Winston and his new friend, Penelope arrived overnight.

Winston and his new friend, Penelope arrived overnight.

This is what I found when I walked into the nursery/playroom this morning.

Winston has made his debut and this time he brought a friend...Penelope.

Do you have an Elf in your house? Last year was Winston's first year with us. We were preparing for the fun of being Gigi and Pops. There was much mischief!

This year there will be fun times I'm certain, but it looks as though this will be a year of giving and kindness as well. We need to be good examples for Lil Man.

Below is what the letter says:

Dear Stacy & The Rocket Scientist

Guess what? I’m back! I have missed you very much since last Christmas. Santa told me that you have a grandson now and you are called Gigi and Pops. This will take me some getting used to. I look forward to meeting Liam soon. Since there is a new person in the family I wanted to see where he is kept when he is at your house. I found this great soft spot in what appears to be a very nice cage. It will make a nice landing spot each time I return.

I want to introduce you to my friend Penelope. She will be coming with me on my visits and taking the love and kindness you and your family have back to Santa in order to help his sleigh fly on Christmas Eve. Penelope and I have become very close over the past months and she has taught me that my mischief is not what the season is about and that we should show more love and kindness, not only at Christmas, but all year long. She will help me be good and help you instead of causing problems. I can’t promise I will always be goodbut I will try my hardest! I want to be a good example for Liam.

I’m looking forward to another Christmas with youyou are very fun grown-ups and I know that the fun will be more and more as Liam gets older.


Your Elf and Reindeer - Winston & Penelope