A Week in the Life (the Current Stte of Affairs...)

Lemon, Cucumber * Basil infused water. Yummy!

Lemon, Cucumber * Basil infused water. Yummy!

Ok, today is Tuesday, September 30th and I left my job on Friday, September 5th. That is 3 weeks and 3 days ago…or 25 days ago. I wanted to do a little ‘Typical Week’ tracking just for myself to see how I grow and evolve as I figure this new thing out. Then I thought I should blog it…instead of just journaling it, or letting it sit in my head. At least if it is out there I can analyze and over-analyze it in front of my eyeballs…instead of it rolling around in my over-active brain!

So, today I will start a look at a Typical Week in My World. I would like to say I have several weeks under my belt – but realistically, because I left town for 10 days in this middle of this time frame, I have only been officially working at home for a week. Alas, I know that I have somewhat of an agenda…plan…insanity going on. I will post today, then again in early November (a few months out) and then again after the New Year (I’m thinking 6 months out). I hope that I can get a plan pulled together that will work well for me, The Rocket Scientist, Snigglefritz and my family.

So…for anyone interested, here we go!

Hitting the road...

Hitting the road...

Every Week Day: You may wonder about the photo at the top of the page: I make up a pitcher of infused water each morning. I drink a lot of water every day, but plain water all day long gets boring for me…so I mix it up and keep filling my water bottle from this. Also, each morning I walk 3 miles from 5:45am to 6:45am…I’m looking forward to it cooling down a little bit here in the desert so that I’m not withering half-way through my walk! On each day I have decided to devote 1 hour to a project in the house that needs taken care of. Most notably right now we need our office purged and cleaned and my craft room needs the same done…so I can move my operation from our formal dining room to the craft room where it belongs! (any volunteers to come pry stuff out of my hands and get it out of the house!?)

Monday: Right now my Mondays are for running errands, grocery shopping, prepping projects, catching up on emails, doing some reading on the back end of my blog and on trends in the crafting world. I take some time to also read some of my favorite blogs. I also plan some future posts and projects. Any appointments that The Rocket Scientist has asked me to make I call on this day as well. Laundry gets done during the day and I will write a post for later in the week. Monday evenings I also attend a women’s Bible study at our church.

Tuesday: I finish any laundry throughout the day; run the vacuum cleaner before I shower. Quickly dust and then get started on work. I will mostly work on projects on Tuesday, taking photos and read more on how to shoot better.

Wednesday: I watch the Lil Man for a few hours while my daughter in-love goes to her work out. After that I will do a few household chores and then get to work. Wednesdays I would like to sew as much as possible, as well as get patterns cut out for the next day.

Thursday: Sew…Sew…Sew!

Friday: Another day to watch the Lil Man while momma goes to work out. Every other Friday the Rocket Scientist is off so my hope is that we will be able to have breakfast together and maybe make those true date days! That is still in flux. So, on the other Fridays I will get projects from earlier in the week finished up and write a plan for the coming week’s projects. I will make certain the Sunday Seven is written and scheduled to post, write any posts on projects that are completed. I think I might make Fridays my cooking/baking days for Love to Cook.

Saturday: The Rocket Scientist and I use Saturday to catch up on all of our chores that need to be tended to. We also go to church on Saturday evening.

Sunday: Our day of rest. I may or may not choose to do any projects…and if I do, it is usually for gifts or personal projects.

And that, at a glance, is how my weeks are shaping up. I hold no grand illusions that this will not change. I hope to find a really good flow of how the week should look. And, once I get things going and timing all worked out, I’m certain I will rearrange and be able to add more things in on each day. Ideally I would like to have each day dedicated to one realm of my business…we shall see if I can pull it together.

Hope you aren’t too bored now!