My Cooking Dream

I have a plan.

An idea.

A dream.

It might be crazy. No, it is crazy. Most of my plans are. I have a dream of a cooking project that is similar to the one the Julie did in “Julie & Julia”. You know, cook a recipe a day for a year form my favorite chefs/cooks.

Ok, I think that a year might be a bit ambitious for me. I know my limitations and my commitment issues and 365 days is certainly a bit of a commitment that I would cheat on fairly quickly!

Still, I love cooking and want to get better at it. That being said, I think that the age old statement of “practice makes perfect” holds true in the kitchen just as in all areas of life. Right? Not that I don’t already “practice” a lot – but it would be fun to have a purpose and challenge, and connection to someone else who loves to cook as well.

Don’t get me wrong, I have no desire to be a food blogger…a least I don’t think I do? But I follow several food bloggers and I have a few favorites that I just adore (Bakerella & The Domestic Rebel are on the top of my list). What I would like to blog about is being a regular chick following the inspiration of her two favorite cooking ladies.

“Who might those ladies be?” you ask. My close friends will know this, as will my family (probably even the men in my family…since I talk about these 2 so often when I’m cooking for my family and friends).

I can’t put one of these women ahead of the other. They both make my heart smile, for so many different reasons. Paula Deen and Ree Drummond (aka: The Pioneer Woman).

Adore, admire, idolize, moon over, drool over, tear up when they talk; however you want to look at it…I love them.

Ree seems like the sister I wish I had. And honestly, I would gladly face my extreme fear of horses just to spend a few hours talking with her. She home schools her kids…I home schooled my son; she is from Oklahoma…most of my family is from and still lives there; her hair is beautiful and red…I want beautiful, red hair! Yep…I like her…a lot! Oh to sit and drink iced coffee with her would make my heart swoon. Plus, I would like to give her animals some love…as long as they haven’t just tussled with a skunk or delivered a turtle to my feet!

Paula. Oh my stars. This woman is just someone I want to sit with as well. She reminds me so much of one of my favorite Aunts. You know, the Aunt you longed to spend summers with. The one who could get in to trouble with you, but at the same time she is the one who teaches you amazing skills and appreciation for things that you don’t experience in your normal school days. In my head, once I stopped crying after I met her, we would sit and talk for hours about all things: good, bad and ugly. Plus, I would like our Grandson’s to have a play date together as we look on! (too much?)

OK…back to the plan/idea/dream!

Which books to cook from?

Which books to cook from?

I think it would be a kick in the pants to pick some recipes for a time from their cookbooks and make them each day. Like I said, 365 days is not going to work for this girl who is easily distracted by shiny things! However, I could spend “A Week with Ree” and “A Week with Paula”. At least that is the direction I’m leaning. I haven’t worked out the details yet…but when I do, I will post the details right here. After all, this is probably the only way I’m going to get to spend time with them, because I don’t see trips to OK or GA any time soon.

Here’s to happy cooking!