A Glimpse of Things to Come...

Things have been a little crazy around here.

I'm not really sure when the crazy train shifted in to high gear - but it did and so far I'm doing a fair job at keeping up a full tilt sprint just to stay ahead of the locomotive of life!

I have so many tasks and projects on my list they just seem to combine together and make a tornado of creativity! Of course, my Type A personality and inner confidence that "of course I can add one more thing on to my schedule" have not assisted me in the keeping up!

I feel like I fell short by not having anything posted the past 2 days. I need to stop looking at things that way. I think that if I can get a post up 2 to 3 times a week (not including my Sunday and Wednesday posts) that will be good. Now I just need to embrace that!

All that to say, I thought I would just throw a few sneak peeks of projects to come!

I'm going to be whipping up some crocheted boot cuffs. Here in the desert it is just too warm, even at our coldest, to wear super thick, chunky socks with boots...but they are so cute sicking up over the top of boots. So, I'm making a few different types. I will get a post up on these prior to our family photos (I hope) on Thanksgiving weekend.

I have been working on some jewelry hangers for my statement necklaces and earrings. This was a project I learned a lot of lessons on and I will have a lot to say when the post goes up.

I'm working on a sweet quilt for by BFF's Wee One. It's been a great learning curve as I follow a true pattern instead of winging it on my own. I'm snapping photos along the way and plan to have this done by Thanksgiving.

Also...on Love To Cook - I'm working on another Soup-er Sunday post this week (still trying to decide on what soup to make, my daughter in-love and I are starting to work on recipes for the cookbook we have been planning for over 2 years (I will post photos from our time in the kitchen for that as we go), and this week I'm hoping to make some Pumpkin Snickerdoodle Cookies.

There you have it...some of the stops on the route of the Crazy Train that is my world right now.