Minnie & a Two Year Old

My project this weekend was to make a birthday dress for my favorite almost 2-year old. She is precious and belongs to my best friend. I adore this child as if she was my blood relative, and I have since I saw her first sonogram photo. The minute she drew her first breath I knew I was a goner – hook, line and sinker! I will always be her crazy Aunt Stacy!


When her momma asked if I would be able to sew BabyGirl a dress, of course the answer was “yes”. And as soon as she said the theme was Minnie and Olivia (she loves both characters…especially Minnie) I knew exactly the colors as well as the style. After that it was just a matter of finding the time. A quick glance at my schedule, thing already written down and those I knew were still to come, and this was clearly the weekend it had to be done. Considering the party is next weekend, I was cutting it close!

So, here we are at the close of the weekend and we have a completed dress AND a matching purse.

I am quite happy with the end result. The purse was a total creative free-for-all as I came up with the idea in the middle of the night and figured out the pattern as I went along.

The pattern I used was a pillow case dress from Whimsy Couture, with a few modifications to the ruffles. Whimsy is one of my favorite pattern shops on Etsy. She just designs great patterns and they are easy to follow and execute. Of course, I find it very easy to spend $$ in her shop as well!

All fabrics were picked from the quilt cottons wall at JoAnn Fabrics – their line of fabrics.

I love this dress so much I’m actually dreaming of a quilt design to incorporate the ruffles. Not sure when I will be able to complete said quilt…but it’s running around in my head!

I’m looking forward to working on more creations soon for this little Wee One.