Cuddle While You Burp...

(Admit it...the title made you curious, huh?!)

Lil Man arrived in this world on May 5th. For anyone counting, that’s 4 months ago this coming Friday.



In preparation for his arrival the kids had the sonograms







Did the maternity photos







Planned and prepared the awesome Star Wars themed nursery




Had a few great baby showers

And over her at Gigi & Pops…we prepared the nursery/playroom as well. The one thing I never did for our house was make burp cloths. I made the kids some for the Star Wars theme…so cute. I figured I would get around to making some for our house – I just didn’t think it would take this long!

I have a girly version of the cloth diaper burp cloths…as craft cloths for the craft room. Not really appropriate for a Lil’ Man!

So, on Monday I figured I might as well keep on sewing after I created THIS lovely!

I had a stash of some wonderful Cuddle terry cloth fabric (hence the title of the post) as well as an adorable 6 pack of flannel fat quarters from JoAnns. I opted to make them very simple and in a different manner then the ones made with the cloth diapers (not that I don’t like those – I think every home with a newborn should have those type – cloth diapers are AWESOME for everything. Hence the reason I use them in my craft room!).

What I didn’t know was just how much this cuddle material sheds! Mercy, oh my soul! I even threw it in the dryer beforehand (a trick I learned with minky fabric) and it till was shedding like a sheep escaping its coat!

Nevertheless, I powered through and got these cuties done. Hey are super simple: just cut the fabric in 10”x18” rectangles; sew with ¼” seams wrong sides together leaving a 3” opening on one of the sides to turn (don’t forget to back stitch at the start and stop of your seams); turn right side out and press; top stitch with a 1/8” seam all the way around closing the 3” opening as you go. Wash & dry and you are ready.

These would be super cute embroidered with the little’s name, or with ribbon trim or piping.

Can I just say that I would now like a personal blanket made from this stuff. It feels heavenly.



Perhaps that is another project for another day.