Top o' the Mornin' to ya! (and Happy Birthday to my Momma!)

I had to wait to post this since I made it for my Mom's birthday...which is today!

I don't really have a tutorial for this yet - but I wanted to put some photos up.

My mom loves Steampunk fashion and jewelry. So much so that she would like to start making the Steampunk styled jewelry.

Now, mind you, she has been talking about doing this for over  year now. Since she had not yet taken that plunge, the kids and I decided we could give her a healthy nudge in that direction with her birthday gift!

So...I made this little top hat embellishment and then filled a box with jewelry making tools, chain, all sorts of pretty findings, satin and netting. She has no more excuses. Well...ok, time to do it - but I think now she will make the time.

Once I have a little smidge of a break in my sewing load I will post a picture tutorial of how I put this cute thing together.