Baby Steps - A Little More Organization...

I had a "squirrel'  moment this week (ok...I may have had more than one!).

I think I just needed a break from doing a lot of sewing and I wanted to give my mind a small rest.

If you remember back in October, in THIS post, I talked about cleaning and purging. Well, along with that came organizing. Now, I knew I wouldn't complete it all in one massive, energy zapping weekend...however, little by little, the craft room is coming along.

I ended up putting a lot of my supplies in baskets on my IKEA Expedit shelves (does anyone else love these things as much as I do? Seriously - they are AMAZING!). While this looks clean and streamline, which is what I was going for, unfortunately you can't see what is inside to know which basket you need to go to for your current project. I wanted a label on each one, but I wanted it to be a cute label. Enter 6 weeks of pinning and pondering what to do!

I picked up some cute chalkboard labels, black mini clothes pins and a white pen to help me along. I decided I didn't just want to have plain writing on the labels so I Googled some cute chalkboard doodle ideas and then I just went to town on them.

Once the labels had all been created I tied raffia to the basket 'handles' and then used the clothes pins to clip the label to the appropriate basket.

I'm quite pleased with how they turned out...and I have plenty of labels left over for anything else - or if I should get more baskets for any shelf space that might open up (um...or new shelving units that might make it into the house in the future!).