Snigglefritz & Me - Open for Business

For anyone following my journey, painful as it has been to watch me drag my feet; move forward one step and then back 2 more; and overall just fiddle-fart around wasting time, you know that I wanted to create my own business being creative with the skill that I have, and ones I would acquire (run on sentence, anyone?).  Yes, that has been my dream. I love to sew, I would love to make money at it, and thus…the idea of Snigglefritz and Me was born. I’m not going to be untruthful; I am scared out of my ever loving gourd at this adventure. It’s a good scared, but still…rejection and failure stink no matter how prepared you are! Of course, that statement right there is ‘glass-half-empty’. Who knows, I may be fully accepted and take off like a shot. More than likely I will follow the steady, slow pace and move along like many other home crafters, at a pace that is happy and blissful.

While my whole family supports me 100%, it has been my son is the one who kept on pushing: ‘have you done this yet?’ ‘do you have stock?’ ‘did you sew this week?’ ‘don’t worry about this stuff, just start writing.’ I’m so thankful he did…and does…because he keeps me motivated by sheer determination of not wanting to disappoint! Without him I think my tiny, baby steps would have seemed as though they had no forward momentum. Now I actually can see some serious progress made.

I had planned on entering the world of online sales quietly – you know…testing the waters. Well, I put up a photo on my personal Facebook page of one of the sets I made and a friend said ‘I want to buy that’…and she was serious! Boy did that light a fire under my tukas! Then, my mom posted a rave review of what I had been sewing, the custom quilt I had made, etc. on her Facebook page. Um…I hadn’t even gone public with the fact that I was sort of kind of ready to open my Etsy store.

Well, guess what? I’m all in now!

Snigglefritz & Me is officially open at Etsy.

Currently I have the designer burp cloth and diaper carrier sets up. I am working on more designs as well as several baby quilts, matching buntings and some other items. I anticipate a truly full store within the next 4 weeks. Please, if you wouldn't mind, stop by and give me a little 'like' or make me a favorite in your shops at Etsy. (and if you are someone who asks "What is Etsy?" please go look - you will not be disappointed, but you will be mesmerized!)

I hope you will consider me when you are looking for a unique baby shower gift. I will post updates on my blog as well throughout the year.

Thank you for supporting me with love, encouragement and the pushes I need!